Thursday, January 12, 2012

ObamaCare is Especially Bad for Older People

ObamaCare is very costly for the folks mandated to participate in it. Those costs become higher, the older you get -- especially for the Middle Class (whose subsidies are less). People who approach 65 years of age, the higher marginal costs would have a most severe impact .. because of their diminished opportunities for savings.

Kudos to Paul Gregory Matuszak and to Craig J. Casey .. who are among the smartest men in Twitter.!/pavelgregory!/CraigJCasey

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  1. Thanks Kelly! Obamacare def. hurt seniors. Part B premiums should already be $300 per month for seniors:

    Wait for Part D premiums to increase now that Obamacare has eliminated the doughnut hole. The healthcare law makes a bad situation much worse, and uses crony capitalism instead of true reform.