Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Dream of being "Trapped in Vietnam"

We soldiers, both male and female, are penned inside a conference hall within a large building in Saigon. It is very crowded. No chairs. No tables. Standing room only.

 Mitt Romney had been elected president. His stated policy is to keep all of the US troops in Vietnam. "The war will never end."

Huddled against the corner are a small group of visitors from the Tea Party delegation. They are very sad, reminiscing how candidate Newt Gingrich had made it a top priority to "bring the troops home." But because Romney is now our president, "the troops stay in Vietnam."

Meanwhile, we soldiers are in a state of starvation. Inside my clothes, I have hidden gobs of rice for emergency food.

Ann Romney happens to be visiting with us soldiers. She sees our anger, desperation, and hunger. To appease us, she forcibly administers a spoonful of rice into the mouths of each individual. She doesn't use a clean spoon, but reuses the same one for each person she feeds.

I panic, trying to hide from her. Each time she moves closer, I jostle through the crowds to move away.

In an adjacent hallway happens to be a cohort of civilians walking in a marched formation. Here's my chance to escape out of Vietnam. I have to join those civilians and pretend to be one of them. But then I realized that I'm wearing a military uniform. I must change into civilian clothes. So I happen to find a closet and search for civilian clothes. But the time ran out. It became too late. (Or so I thought.)

In the conference room, the soldiers practically start to riot. The Romneys feel the heat. On the loudspeaker, we hear an announcement. In a dramatic "about face" .. the White House bows down to pressure, declaring freedom for us soldiers to leave Vietnam.


Interpretation of the Dream:

President Romney is "Barack Obama."
Ann Romney is "Marie Antoinette."
Newt Gingrich is "Ron Paul."
Being trapped in Vietnam is "ObamaCare."
The spoonful of rice is the "individual mandate."
Our hunger is the result of "rationing."

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