Saturday, May 14, 2011

Changes to Medicare

[Note: Capitation means setting caps to Medicare reimbursement rates.]
The Medicare cuts involving capitation would result in healthcare providers to prefer younger patients with private insurance — more money to be made off of them. Already, the Mayo Clinic here in Glendale, Arizona rejects Medicare patients.
A solution, to empower Medicare patients from the negative consequences of capitation, is the Medicare Patient Empowerment Act. This will allow the Medicare recipient to pay extra money out of his/her own pocket to the provider … to help boost the stingy Medicare reimbursement and equalize it to the market price levels. Otherwise, the elderly will become pariahs and be viewed as indigents by the healthcare providers.
Already, the kidney dialysis patients — under Medicare — receive horrible treatment. The Atlantic magazine did an expos√© on this in the December 2010 issue. With the capping of Medicare reimbursement rates, the quality of care will only worsen.
Below are the links:
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The above text was written by me in the FrumForum as a comment in response to an article written by Eli Lehrer.

"McConnell Gets a Chance for Medicare Cuts" 

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