Monday, May 16, 2011

Divide and Conquer

I do not trust either the Republican party or the Democrat party. We need a constitutional convention to address the needs of ordinary Americans.

The unholy alliance of Big Government and Big Business is destroying the middle class. The Democrats use identity politics to divide and conquer; the Republicans use the culture wars to divide and conquer; the corporate elites use money and lobbyists aimed at both parties as their form of divide and conquer.

Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan is a perfect example of divide and conquer. He is pitting the baby boomers born 1956 and earlier against the boomers born 1957 and later. The one group gets full Medicare benifits; the other group gets thrown into the arms of the insurance cartel.

[The above text happens to be my posted comment in the FrumForum. The link is below.]

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