Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Elites vs. Progressives & Libertarians

Think of American politics as being a battle being waged by three groups fighting against one another:

1) Libertarian Conservatives
2) Progressive Liberals
3) Corporate Elites

The corporate elites have succeeded to reign supreme over the other two factions by distracting the American people with issues of “left” versus “right.” As a consequence, we have big business in cahoots with big government — otherwise known as “corporate socialism.”

The progressive liberals hate the “corporatism” of government, but they love the socialism.

The libertarian conservatives hate the “socialism” of government, but they love the capitalism.

So basically, the progressives and the libertarians have a common enemy — corporate fascism. But the progressives believe the solution is more government (i.e. “democratic socialism.”) Whereas the libertarians believe the solution is less government — thus depriving the corporate behemoth its partner in crime.

1 comment:

  1. The money now flowing into the system on both sides by corperations, unions, and special interest groups is what is actually running this country, Neither side can make a move without worrying about how these groups will react, meanwhile the American people are the ones who suffer for this.