Thursday, June 2, 2011

Healthcare Bill of Rights

1) There must be equal protection under the law.

2) There must be respect for people's individual liberties.

3) There must not be obstacles in the way (i.e. insurance or government agencies) undermining the doctor/patient relationship.

4) There must be the freedom to choose one's own doctor.

5) There must be a break in the linkage between employment and the choice of healthcare and/or insurance.

6) There must be an increase in competition amongst the healthcare **providers** that will lower prices for the healthcare consumer. (Current regulations restrict competition via the licensing laws, the "ban" on doctor-owned hospitals and the limited number of medical schools.)

7) There must be the freedom for insurance companies to charge lower premiums to individuals who lead a healthy lifestyle (i.e. for those who keep their weight down, exercise, eat right, etc.)

8) There must be the freedom for individuals to purchase insurance from across state lines.

9) There must be tort reform.

10) There must not be an individual mandate for **comprehensive** insurance. (If there is to be a mandate, it should be in the form of a high-deductible **catastrophic** coverage or in the form of a flat tax.)

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  1. Concerning ... 9) There must be tort reform

    A person at **The American Conservative** website had disputed the Republican premise for tort reform. Please read his comment ...