Saturday, June 11, 2011

Healthcare Scam

Buying healthcare is not the same thing as buying healthcare insurance. ObamaCare forces people to use private insurance as the vehicle to purchase healthcare.

Why is healthcare so expensive? The answer is simple. The healthcare providers were purposely designing themselves to become an oligopoly … so as to guarantee obscene profits. During the early 1900’s, the Rockefellers closed half the medical schools in the U.S.A. This reduced the supply of doctors in the marketplace, thus creating the conditions for super expensive healthcare. (Without competition, prices can stay high.)

Our healthcare system is a scam. We are being forced to use insurance as a mechanism to pay for the inflated costs of healthcare. The government uses overly stringent licensing requirements and red tape to limit the number of healthcare providers. Of course, this is precisely what the providers want … a captive customer.

The lobbyists for the healthcare industry had their fingerprints all over the place in the ObamaCare legislation. This bill was to benefit them, the providers … whereas the healthcare consumer is getting screwed big time.


  1. I share your concern about the cost of health care insurance, the limited number of providers and the health insurance monopolies. Having been a provider for thirty years, it is my view that providers are working harder and making less money right now than at anytime since the early 1990s. I would venture to say that in today's dollars, physicians are making only 30-40% of what they earned twenty years ago. They are not the problem.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, KP.

    The insurance companies, the providers, and the government are so deeply intertwined with one another that entrepreneurship is being suffocated.

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  3. The insuarnce companies and the government intertwined. As you have reported here before, the new healthcare reform legislation prohibits medicare payments from new doctor owned hospitals. That kills about 60 hospital projects currently under way according to Physicians Hospitals of America. Those projects we examples of entrepreneurship and they are suffocated by Obama and big insurance who are dead set on breaking the back of physician autonomy. The war has been waging for thirty years. Doctors and insurance companies are not in bed together.

  4. KP, you inspired me to write a new article in my blog, "In Defense of Doctors." Please read it. Your critique of my ideas really help me. (Again, if I am in error about something ... please let me and the other readers know.)