Thursday, June 9, 2011

Palin Tale

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Sarah Palin. She decided to tour the country. In a big bus, she went from village to village, visiting with the peasants.

In one town, a naughty boy named Ed Rollins taunted the princess for her lack of seriousness. He was the son of a nice lady, named Michele Bachmann. So what did Sarah do? She invited Ms. Bachmann into the bus.

Then they drove on. Upon arrival to a large castle, they met this king, Ted Turner. The people in the entourage cheered heartily. Then Ms. Bachmann invited Mr. Turner, "Come, let's roll on down the highway!" He agreed. (They went into overdrive.)

Then the trip ended. Sarah wanted to become queen. She chose Ron Paul as her partner. But she had an enemy rival. A prince, named Obama, connived with his brother Romney to put a spell on her. But Sarah became queen, anyway.

The neocons were happy. They thought they could control Sarah as a puppet. "We need a new war!," they shouted. "The kingdom in Arabia has great riches."

Queen Sarah got mad, "I quit!" So she resigned her post as "governor." Thus Ron Paul succeeded her to the throne. This was the beginning of the Ron Paul Revolution. Young lads enrolled in schools to learn "Austrian economics."

A gallant knight, by the name of Donald Trump, unleashed his sword upon the healthcare oligarchs. "In the name of the lord, and in honor of Teddy Roosevelt ... let the others in!" Thereafter, more boys and girls were allowed into the clubhouse. They all played doctor. But it got so crowded, new clubhouses were built -- tagged as charter hospitals. The monopoly was broken!

A jester, named Paul Ryan, jumped up and down in delight. He convinced the other kids to accept vouchers for admission into their clubhouses.

Meanwhile, the beloved Sarah Palin, she was sailing the seven seas in her boat -- christened as, "The One World Tour." So everyone lived happily ever after.

Bachman Turner Overdrive ... "Roll on Down the Highway"

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