Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Independent will Win in 2012

It would be a most interesting Presidential campaign, if we were to have the establishment candidates of Barack Obama for the Democrats and Mitt Romney for the Republicans -- plus a strong independent running against the other two. Imagine if that independent were a Sarah Palin or a Donald Trump!

The independent candidate will win. Here's why:

1) Both political parties are poison right now. (Congress has extremely low approval ratings.)

2) A Palin or a Trump will suck votes away from both Obama and Romney.

3) Though Palin and Trump are flawed figures (we are all sinners, after all), their blemishes pale in comparison to that of Obama or Romney.

4) Palin had run against the establishment GOP candidate in Alaska and won the primary, eventually becoming governor.

5) Palin was actually a good governor, popular with Democrats, too. (Please read the Atlantic magazine article; link is at the bottom of this post.)

6) Trump has a strong business background. Capitalism is not evil. In a free society, voluntary organizations such as civic groups, charitable foundations, religious institutes -- and the fundamental unit of family -- all combine together to supplement capitalism that will restore prosperity and preserve liberty. (Otherwise, socialism will fill the void.)

7) With either Trump or Palin as an independent, neither can be labeled as extremists of the left and the right. The extremism that currently exists in America is the statism of the Democrat and Republican parties propped up by corporate money, banking interests, the insurance industry, big PhRMA etc. The Dems and the GOP serve the interests of Wall Street ... not Main Street. It is Orwellian propaganda that purveys the myth of Middle American values to be "extremism."

8) The American people were betrayed, when Obama promised transparency in the healthcare debate. He had also promised not to have lobbyists in his administration. Another lie.

9) Mitt Romney cannot be trusted over the issue of healthcare reform, either. His flip flops are not genuine; they are politically motivated. He advocated his Massachusetts healthcare reform plan as the paradigm for the nation, of which ObamaCare eventually became reality.

10) Paul Ryan may yet vanquish himself. With Palin or Trump in the White House, we will have an open debate as to the merits (or failures) of Paul Ryan's Medicare Reform Plan. (It will not be rammed down our throats like ObamaCare.)

11) I had been among the guilty, having made fun out of a Trump or Palin ticket. But either of them would be formidable against an Obama and Romney twofer. It wouldn't just be show business; this will be the real McCoy. (Remember when Ronald Reagan was underestimated as being merely a movie actor?)

12) Sarah's "shrill" voice belies her intelligence. She doesn't spend time reading romance novels; she instead studies the serious issues facing America. The elites in Washington may think she's a country hick, stupid and unsophisticated. Nothing can be further from the truth!

13) Palin is not as likely to win a majority in a two-way race between her and Obama, but she has an excellent chance to win a plurality in a three-way race of Obama, Romney, and herself.

14) A Trump-Huckabee ticket might be even better than a Palin ticket. (Sarah would then play an auxiliary, supporting role.)

15) Whom would you prefer ... the lies and broken promises of our beloved figure of Obama? Or would you prefer the slick spinmeister of Mitt Romney? Both are the darlings of the establishment. Let's have some real alternatives for a change.

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